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Our fair trade accessories, bags and scarves are made in Vietnam by a fair trade producer whose mission is to produce and sell Vietnamese handicraft products that are made under fair trade conditions. Their aim is to expand their customer base so that they can in turn expand workshop capacity, which helps to provide more secure and decent employment opportunities to disadvantaged women and farmers. They provide life changing training in tailoring skills and bring smiles to these two extremely marginalized groups in society.

Farmers earn low and inconsistent income. They are retrained to be skilful tailors and with a chance of work, they can earn a good income which allows their families to have a good standard of living and also enables them to send their children to school. Furthermore, national insurance contributions are made for them to cover medical costs and provide a pension for retirement. Our producer also supports and trains disabled women to enable them to earn a decent living, gain self confidence, retain their dignity and most importantly, integrate into normal society.

Besides livelihood, the artisans are always provided a chance for development. They are educated on product quality and also on fair trade principles. Any artisan who works well has a chance to be appointed the master of the group and is trained to develop designs and become a skilled, experienced, creative and reputable artisan in their own right.

  • Offering secure & fair trade working opportunities to disadvantaged women & farmers
  • Providing life changing training in tailoring skills, enabling them to earn a decent living, gain self confidence & retain their dignity

  • Bringing smiles to these two extremely marginalized groups in society

  • National insurance contributions are also made for them to cover medical costs and provide a pension for retirement

  • Member of WFTO

Quote from employee: “With a chance of work, we can earn a good income, which allows our families to have a (good) standard of living and also send our children to school”



Trang, Dung & Diu's Story: Remembering when Trang and Dung, the two disabled girls first came to our small factory, their faces were sad and unconfident. They found it hard to integrate into normal society. We encouraged them to put all of their efforts in to developing their skills, and now they have become skillful artisans in their own right and one of them has even become a technician.  Trang has got married and has a nice son. And Dung is always smiling and has bought a motorbike to come to work on! She’s very helpful and kindhearted to other artisans, teaching them skills, producing samples and managing production.

Some of our staff are from other remote provinces. One of them, Diu’s family is so poor, for her to finish higher school she had to come to Hanoi to find a job, washing dishes for a street inn. But she was not able to cover even her living costs. She desired to find another job and to get a normal life and return to study. A relative recommended her to our company, with the hope we could give her any job. Firstly, we gave her the chance to work in packing, then we trained her to become QC manger and then most recently fabric/material manager. Intelligent and hard-working, she has grasped the opportunity with all of her heart. We have also encouraged and partially financed her to continue her computer studies. Besides covering her own fees and cost of living, she can still spend a little and send some money home to her parents every month.

We are very happy that we can offer a chance for the women who find it harder to get a job in society. Giving work, providing training in tailoring skills, providing them with a good working environment and encouraging them to improve their productivity to get higher salary is our great happiness. Thanks to that, they can get confident in both life and society and your orders help us a lot to bring more chances of jobs to women and improve many families’ livelihoods.

Dan’s Story: As the oldest child in a poor family of four sisters and one brother in Le Chi Commune, Gia Lam district, Dan; who is only 22 years old, has taken on a huge responsibility for her family, despite having disabilities in both her legs and hands.

Before, her family was fully dependent on the harvest crop, which provided low income and meant the family could not afford for all five children to go to school. When she was 18, through recommendation of the Vietnam Association of Business and Enterprises of People, with Disabilities (VABED), Dan came to us to ask for a job. Since then, we have trained her in simple tailoring skills, as well as soft skills, calculation, and criteria, all of which she has absorbed very quickly and does so well!

Viewing her work, no one would recognize such a young girl with disabilities, as she is always working so fast and with such optimism! And day by day, she has become a good assistant in the sewing group, earning a decent living, in good living conditions not only supporting herself, she also sends money back to her family to support her parents and her siblings.

With the harmonious and helpful environment at work, combined with her hard efforts, Dan can do anything now, confident on her own, as well as in society. She has bought an electric bike to travel and her friendly smile, found often on her face is willing to guide newcomers. She is a brilliant example for all of our artisans to admire - her energy, her optimism. We all love her.

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